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Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Brazilians

February 03, 2009 Category: Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

Guest columnist Ima Hurting tells about her “Brazilian adventure”–her quest to avoid bikini-line maintenance–in this brilliant humor essay.

Bad Advice

December 14, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

Dating advice columnist Mark Evan Katz tells women “Don’t do anything” when it comes to dating. Women really get that one wrong. I sure do, and so do my friends. I’ve learned my lesson.

Terms of Endearment [Abject Fear]

September 07, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I planned to write a cute piece about pet names and noticed something strange about my thinking: I wasn’t as happy about my pet name as I should have been. Here’s a glimpse into the secret world of a woman’s mind. It’s not a pretty place.

Mommy Ass

June 17, 2008 Category: Getting on, Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

Where, oh where, has my little butt gone? Is it inevitable that a woman’s butt has to fall? I think it’s happened to me. Check out the video…what do you think?




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