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Is Milk Money?

January 20, 2009 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG goes off the deep end writing this review of the movie Milk when she probably should have been writing about the Obama inauguration.

Retro Road

January 08, 2009 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG reviews Revolutionary Road starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Sort of.

Life, Batman, and a Paddle

August 14, 2008 Category: Media, Random

BetsyG finishes telling about her vacation, and even gives her review of Batman: The Dark Knight. Was Heath Ledger as great as they say? BetsyG shares her opinion.

Boston Movies

June 22, 2008 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune

Matt Damon popularized Freud’s line about psychotherapy being wasted on the Irish in The Departed. In this piece, I take a closer look at The Departed, then fall down a writing rabbit hole and talk about Boston movies and good and bad accents.




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