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When She Knew

March 31, 2009 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG shares her fiction again, this time to honor her missing cat.

Drafting “Scotch”

February 19, 2009 Category: Random, Writing

Until this week, my short story, Scotch Hangover, had been read mostly by men, who were universally aggravated with the ending. The guys in my writing group didn’t think it was the wrong ending or that it needed revision; they just weren’t pleased with it. But this week, women read it, and the response has been different. […]


January 27, 2009 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG talks about a bad couple of days, but some reasons to feel some joy.

Six-Month Relationship

December 11, 2008 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG looks back on the six months of The BetsyG-Spot, and evaluates its successes, failures, and where to go from here.

I Heart Essays

December 09, 2008 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG talks about one aspect of why she loves essays, both reading them and writing them.

Write, or Wrong?

November 02, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs, Writing

I write about my past relationships with men. How can I do that without worrying about hurting them? And what kind of silly man would date me, a writer?

Writing, Red Sox, and a Switch

October 16, 2008 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG rambles about writing for her blog, the Red Sox apparent loss to Tampa Bay, and her 10-year-old’s sudden turn to adolescence.

Sculpting Ordure

June 24, 2008 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Writing

Almost everything I write starts off as crap. But through an iterative process of whittling away at the piece, it usually ends up where I wanted it to be. In this piece, I use some examples of the first draft of one of my other published essays to show how well revision works.




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