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Archive for March 2009

When She Knew

March 31, 2009 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG shares her fiction again, this time to honor her missing cat.

Take a Number

March 29, 2009 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

BetsyG writes about why she thinks she has kissed so many guys.

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Busy, Busy

March 27, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG summarizes her somewhat overwhelmingly busy week.

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Going Down?

March 24, 2009 Category: Getting on, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG’s friend Ron tells a humorous story about the perils of a fading memory.

Accidental Cougar

March 22, 2009 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

BetsyG is not a cougar–emphatically not–and she details why. But…

Aimless Jawing

March 20, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG talks a bit about her weekend away and about working her way through her required-reading list.

Facebook for Grownups

March 18, 2009 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Wildcard

BetsyG provides a quick-and-dirty tutorial of Facebook for the over-40 set.

What Makes a Marriage Work

March 16, 2009 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

BetsyG knows the keys to success in a marriage and shares it with you for free. Almost.

Mea culpa

March 16, 2009 Category: Uncategorized

Running more than a little late with today’s post. Thought I would be able to get to it over my weekend away and just coudn’t. Hang in there! I’ll have something up by the end of the day.

Party Planner

March 12, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG ups the ante on her profile writing, and shares her desires for her funeral.

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