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Love, life, and sex in the suburbs

When She Knew

March 31, 2009 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG shares her fiction again, this time to honor her missing cat.


January 27, 2009 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG talks about a bad couple of days, but some reasons to feel some joy.

Totally Random

December 30, 2008 Category: Random

It’s vacation week, and BetsyG’s not in her usual essay-writing form. But she gives a tantalizing preview of next Monday’s post, and wishes everyone a happy new year.

Six-Month Relationship

December 11, 2008 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG looks back on the six months of The BetsyG-Spot, and evaluates its successes, failures, and where to go from here.

I Heart Essays

December 09, 2008 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG talks about one aspect of why she loves essays, both reading them and writing them.

Write, or Wrong?

November 02, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs, Writing

I write about my past relationships with men. How can I do that without worrying about hurting them? And what kind of silly man would date me, a writer?

Writing, Red Sox, and a Switch

October 16, 2008 Category: Random, Writing

BetsyG rambles about writing for her blog, the Red Sox apparent loss to Tampa Bay, and her 10-year-old’s sudden turn to adolescence.

Death of Brilliance

September 16, 2008 Category: Media, Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

I’m profoundly sad that David Foster Wallace commited suicide. In this article, I reflect on my experience reading his work and ponder the unanswerable “whys.”

Sculpting Ordure

June 24, 2008 Category: Wheel of Fortune, Writing

Almost everything I write starts off as crap. But through an iterative process of whittling away at the piece, it usually ends up where I wanted it to be. In this piece, I use some examples of the first draft of one of my other published essays to show how well revision works.




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