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The Playground

December 23, 2008 Category: Looking back, Wheel of Fortune

Why do we connect with some people and not others? BetsyG reflects on her recent reconnections to try to understand what makes a friend.

Life Gets Weirder

December 16, 2008 Category: Looking back, Random, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG’s experiences with reconnecting are getting weirder by the day, courtesy of Facebook. But what’s really weird is this picture of BetsyG from 9th grade.

I Heart Essays

December 09, 2008 Category: Media, Wheel of Fortune, Writing

BetsyG talks about one aspect of why she loves essays, both reading them and writing them.

Smaller World

December 02, 2008 Category: Looking back, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG had found some old friends, and it feels really good to reconnect, with the help of LinkedIn, Facebook, and social networking. In fact, it’s downright moving.


November 27, 2008 Category: Random

BetsyG makes kreplach and talks about what she is thankful for on Thanksgiving.


November 20, 2008 Category: Looking back, Random

BetsyG reflects on why she likes reunions so well after attending a party with former co-workers.


November 16, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

BetsyG looked up a boyfriend from the past and opened not a can of worms but an old sachet box that surprisingly still has a trace of fragrance.




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