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A Bit of Pleasantness

May 01, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG received a rare bit of good news about one of her children.

Batter Up

April 02, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG talks about the impending baseball season.

If You Don’t Stop It…

March 04, 2009 Category: Looking back, Wheel of Fortune

What sort of dangers do snowbanks pose? Beds? Open car windows? If you were raised as I was, they are all potentially lethal weapons.


January 22, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG writes about a stressful day, and a few words about The Wrestler.

Matter of the Heart

October 30, 2008 Category: Mind and body, Random

Here’s an update on my son Matthew’s medical condition.

Echoes of Anxiety

October 07, 2008 Category: Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

My son is having an echocardiogram this week and I am feeling anxious. Sometimes it’s harder than others to be a mom of a child with a chronic illness. This week is one of those times.

Kid You Not

August 25, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I thought I only wanted to date men who were fathers. But when I started to see the childless Mr. S, my opinion had a major turnaround.

Goodbye to…

July 29, 2008 Category: Getting on, Wheel of Fortune

Folding laundry had an odd effect on me when I realized how little was left in the way of little-boy clothes. It was a marker of a life passage that I just hadn’t expected.




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