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Busy, Busy

March 27, 2009 Category: Random

BetsyG summarizes her somewhat overwhelmingly busy week.

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Smaller World

December 02, 2008 Category: Looking back, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG had found some old friends, and it feels really good to reconnect, with the help of LinkedIn, Facebook, and social networking. In fact, it’s downright moving.


October 21, 2008 Category: Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

I’ve written a post on my experience with Wellbutrin but was afraid to post it. Where’s the win? What could I lose? In this post, I reflect on the possible ramifications of talking about my depression.

The Best of Hands

October 09, 2008 Category: Random

On Wednesday, I wrote my woeful piece on the anxiety surrounding my son’s echocardiogram. In fact I am very blessed to have many wonderful friends who are with me when I need them. The support of my friends it has really bolstered me.

The Hanging Party

September 09, 2008 Category: Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

Chris and I had been friends since college. When he asked me recently to help him hang his photography exhibit, I thought it would be drudgery. But it turned out to be a stimulating and positive experience, and also stimulated me to write this piece that gives a glimpse into our friendship.

Kid You Not

August 25, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I thought I only wanted to date men who were fathers. But when I started to see the childless Mr. S, my opinion had a major turnaround.

Life, Batman, and a Paddle

August 14, 2008 Category: Media, Random

BetsyG finishes telling about her vacation, and even gives her review of Batman: The Dark Knight. Was Heath Ledger as great as they say? BetsyG shares her opinion.

Paint by Numbers

July 15, 2008 Category: Weird things that happen

Dale’s friend had painted him a paint-by-numbers eagle and was mad when he didn’t collect it. What ultimately happened was surprising, to say the least.

Week 1 Wrap-Up

June 19, 2008 Category: Random

After my first week as a blogaziner (there’s a mouthful), I reflect on the lessons learned and the successes. Overall, it was a pretty good week. I also write about my feelings about how we will recognize my aunt’s passing and the strange Jewish urges that are taking hold of me.

Once Bitten

June 15, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, you know it’s not easy to put your heart out there again. This essay is about BetsyG’s experience with heartbreak and the fear with which she faced the next potential love.




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