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Love, life, and sex in the suburbs

Vino Under the Bridge

June 21, 2009 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

Counterproductive though it may be, BetsyG looks back at how she might not have imbibed as much in her youth had she understood the future impact.

Life Gets Weirder

December 16, 2008 Category: Looking back, Random, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG’s experiences with reconnecting are getting weirder by the day, courtesy of Facebook. But what’s really weird is this picture of BetsyG from 9th grade.

Why I Love Running: Part I

November 18, 2008 Category: Looking back, Mind and body, Wheel of Fortune

BetsyG looks back at her high school days as a non-athlete and why those memories contribute to her love of running today.




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