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Lemonade Stand

January 04, 2009 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

When Mike broke up with me to go back to his ex-wife, I vowed never to go out with someone so fresh out of his marriage. That isn’t the only lesson I needed to learn from that though, as I found out in the next relationship.


August 10, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

Mike had broken up with me to go back to his ex-wife, to see if he could make his marriage work. Should I contact him one more time before I start dating? There were some surprising reasons why not, as it turns out.

First Kiss

August 03, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

Wanda R had a hell of first kiss with a man she started dating after they both got divorced. Get swept up in this story as two people find passion again.

Better To Have Loved and Lost…?

July 13, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

BetsyG had her heart broken–badly–and avoided love for years. She finally fell for someone, only to have him break up with her too. In this essay she ponders the question of whether she’ll go for it again, or if maybe loving and losing isn’t worth it.

Live and Learn. Or Not.

June 29, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I finally met someone I really liked. But he was a little too fresh out of his marriage for my taste. I should really learn to start listening to that little voice that says, “Company, retreat!”

A Reader on “Once Bitten”

June 26, 2008 Category: Reader Response

A reader found that BetsyG’s essay, Once Bitten, really struck a nerve. Madame G from Paris shares her story of a relationship gone wrong and the heartache that ensued.

Against Type

June 22, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

Everyone was scratching their heads when they found out I was dating Dale. Why did I ask him out when he was clearly not my type? Read this essay to find out…

Once Bitten

June 15, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, you know it’s not easy to put your heart out there again. This essay is about BetsyG’s experience with heartbreak and the fear with which she faced the next potential love.




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