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Terms of Endearment [Abject Fear]

September 07, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I planned to write a cute piece about pet names and noticed something strange about my thinking: I wasn’t as happy about my pet name as I should have been. Here’s a glimpse into the secret world of a woman’s mind. It’s not a pretty place.

Was It a Long Week?

September 04, 2008 Category: Random

Betsy’s so tired she doesn’t even remember what she wrote about five minutes ago. Oh, right: addendum to Creepy Stalker Guy and a report on son in college.

Does God Speak through Phallus Impudicus?

September 02, 2008 Category: Weird things that happen, Wheel of Fortune

Strange things grow in Angie’s yard in North Carolina and in my yard in the Boston area. What’s the meaning??

Dumpee Syndrome

September 01, 2008 Category: Sex in the Suburbs

I was dumped by someone who was I knew on some level was no good for me. So why did I fight so hard to hold on to the guy? Greg Behrendt, author of He’s Just Not That Into You, calls it Dumpee Syndrome. Here’s my theory as to why we do it.




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